Wednesday, August 10, 2005

100 things about me

1. I was born in New Jersey
2. My Dad was a high school football coach and my mom, well, a mom and the best person in the world.
3. I do not say New Jersey that funny way everyone thinks I should. I do say orange and tournament with a New Jersey accent.
4. My family mooved alot. Three different towns in Southern Missouri (aka Misery) Omaha for my senior year of high shool and now they are in Florida.
5. The first big movie I remember seeing was Grease, at a drive in.
6. I have always read, as much as I could.
7. I have one brother, who is still in nebraska.
8. I borrowed this idea of a 100 things from Cyberjazzdaddy's blog
9. I had rk on my eyes in 1994 and love being able to see without glasses.
10. I was accepted into the Air Force JAG, but failed the physical because I had the RK surgery.
11. I am licensed to practice law in two states, CA and MA.
12. I love music and dancing, but have no ability to sing or play an instrument, and my dancing is probably not on the beat.
13. I so very much wanted to play the piano, but the timing never made sense to me, 3/4 time, 4/4 time all the same, quarter notes whole notes all played at the same speed, mine.
14. I did not have friends til I hit college in 1987.
15. I am proud to say that 18 years later I am still close to 3 of those college friends.
16. I always wanted to act, and tried out for plays in high school and college. I wasn't very good at it.
17. At some point, I figured out why I wasn't good at it. I am too afraid of what people will think when I act, and maybe realize that I can act a certain part because I have felt that way. A wall goes up, because I don't want people to laugh.
18. I still have that wall, I tried out for a local community theater play a few years ago and bombed.
19. In college, many of my friends were theatre majors. I played there. Helping out where I could.
20. I am still searching for the love of my life.
21. I am seriously considering adopting a little girl in the next couple of years, being single shouldn't be a hinderance to my dream of being a mom. I'll be a great mom
22. I have wanted to be a prosecutor since I was 12, the same year I decided I wanted to be a mom.
23. When I was 8, I had a life changing event. but it took 4 years to understand how life changing.
24. At 8, a family friend was murdered by her husband. They were divorcing. They had 2 kids. I always said that if my mom died I wanted Carol to be my mom. I still have the rosery she gave me and It was the first funeral I ever attended.
25. It would be would be 22 years before I would attend another funeral. So Carol's had a long lasting impact.
26. When I was 12, my mom told me that Carol's husband was sentenced to 2 years in prison for killing her. That was the most horrible thing I had ever heard. I had to fix the world, I had to see justice done.
27. Now, I know I can't fix the world. But, I can see justice done in my little corner.
28. I was a history major in college and an English minor.
29. My favorite book is Gone with the wind. I read it for the first time in 6th grade. I have reread it many times since.
30. It's also my favorite Movie, making Vivien Leigh my favorite actress.
31. My favorite tv show is M*A*S*H, making Alan Alda my favorite actor.
32. I own over 1100 books. That is my obsession.
33. I detest the CSI shows. They depict a false reality that just confuses real world juries. My crime lab can't do 90% of what they show on tv and juries don't understand that CSI is fiction.
34. My proof, I have a friend that works in a crime lab and people keep asking her if certain tests etc can be done, like CSI and her reply is that those tests don't even exist!!
35. I still own the Hollie Hobbie doll that I was given when I was 5 or 6 years old.
36. My Brother has 5 children. He had 3, and the last was twins, (fraternal) God either tricked them or blessed them.
37. My bro still lives in Nebraska, my parents are in Florida and I am in California. This is kind of sad.
38. I spent 4 years prosecuting felony domestic violence cases and now prosecute juveniles.
39. Right now, I am thinking that finding 100 interesting things about me is very hard!
40. In Nov. 2004, I finally found a home church, it's non-denominaltional.
41. This is a big deal. I have not had a "home church" since I was 15.
42. I have issues with organized religion. I was raised catholic, have been to First Assembly of God, Methodist, baptist, pentacostal, presbeteryn (sp?) and an untold number of nondenominaltional churches.
43. All had rules and regs that had nothing to do with God. Colossions talks about not needing rules and regs.
44. I also had some personal bad experiences.
45. One church sunday school class told be that catholics were going to hell because the worshiped Mary. We had just switched from the catholic church to this one. I stood up said that's not true, we ask her to pray with us to her son and walked out into the middle of the adult service.
46. One bible study group refused to pray for my dad's surgery to go well because I wasn't participating in the New years eve talent show and wasn't staying late at the bible study to watch them rehearse.
47. One church had tons of bible study groups, but none that a single working gal could attend. All women's groups met during the hours of 8-5 on weekdays. And I was too old to be in the "singles" group. It had an age limit. So I asked them if they had a policy against women working and they ignored me.
48. I discovered I had a church by going to my Mom's church while visiting her for Christmas. I reallly didn't like hers, it was INCREDIBLY disorganized. I sat there thinking I don't want to be here I don't want to be here, I want to be at my church. I had to stop and seriously look at that thought. It really suprised me.
49. I accepted Jesus when I was 7. I heard my mom and Carol talking about it and being reborn and waited til my 7th birthday to ask Him into my heart, I was a weird child who didn't want 2 birthdays.
50. I love the ocean and will never live in a state where there isn't an ocean. I am about 2 hrs away from the Pacific. I go there several times a year.
51. I see God very much in nature, including the ocean. The drive is a beautiful one and I feel close to God when I go.
52. I still read alot of history books, mostly holocaust. It still horrifys me that this world let that happen, and that people actually did that to each other.
53. I have a great deal of respect for the survivors, and if they have the courage to relive and write down the worst of their life, everyone should read it.
54. I also read a ton of fantasy books. I really wish I could write one, but..I don't seem to have much artistic ability.
55. In high school we took a test, postive 20 was totaly right brain and -20 was totally left brain. I scored a -19. Good for being a laywer, not good for creativity.
56. My mom is my hero, and my best friend.
57. I do write poetry. I only write when I am severely depressed or hurting in some way. I have only written 3 or 4 happy poems since I started writing 18 years ago.
58. I sometimes write rants too.
59. I have not written too much in the past 8 years, God has been good to me and I am pretty content. College was where I did most of my writing, going thru growing pains.
60. I would never change anything in my life because it would change who I am today, and I like who I am today. It took me many years to be able to say that. Because of great friends believing in me in college, I got there.
61. I hate football, and most other sports. But especially football. I like figure skating tho.
62. I love Thomas Kinkade paintings.
63. I have Thomas Kinkade post cards decorating one of my office walls. I have about 30 of them.
64. I won a Thomas Kinkade painting from Hallmark, in a drawing the year they started having Kinkade ornaments.
65. I wish I could paint sunsets.
66. I like to cross-stitch, which sounds creative, but not really. I am following someone else's pattern, I like counted cross-stitch not the kind where the picture is printed on the fabric.
67. I am friends with 2 couples in my hometown. I love to watch their kids. I am an honorary aunt to many and a real aunt to 5.
68. These friends make me feel like family and it's never weird that they are couples and I am single. Well, almost never and the weird is on my part because I wish to be part of a couple and I get envious sometimes.
69. I am amazed at the inability of teens to spell simple words like "while" (whil) and even more amazed that their parents are just as bad! (the kids and parents often write stuff for court processes and I have the "pleasure" of reading it.)
70. I love playing spades at and I play chess and a game called Rail Barons. Which is really cool.
71. I wish they would put Scarecrow and Mrs. King and the tv show Fame on DVD. They put a ton of crap, but not the good stuff.
72. I don't own a digital camera. I did borrow one recently. It was an interesting experience. I think I still like the film cameras better. It's certainly cheaper to get the film developed than printing the digital pictures. I had to buy 2 color ink jets ($68) and photo paper ($28) That's $96. The film and developing would have cost $46.
73. I still live in an apt. but hope to buy a house or condo soon.
74. I am terrified of dogs. I have been bitten twice and all my friends put their dogs out when I come over.
75. I love italian sausage, lobster, chips and good salsa, and popcorn. I tend to eat cereal for dinner and I don't cook.
76. I am most comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt.
77. I watch a lot of tv. Happens when you are single.
78. Despite the myth's, I am not a "rich" lawyer, I work for the county and they never have money. I earn a good living, a huge chunk of which goes to pay off my student loans. Which should be paid off in the year 2017. Which is much better than the loan company's plan, which would have them paid off in about 2029.
79. I was a pretty straight arrow kid. My parents kept telling me if I wanted to be a lawyer I had to be very good.
80. I only wear makeup while in trial, juries expect that. I usually only wear jewerly while in trial too.
81. I do wear one ring on my right pinky that my mom gave me. I almost never take it off.
82. I attempted to play basketball in high school. I sat on the bench alot.
83. I also tried track, I was happy if I didn't come in last.
84. I only listen to christian music. I listen to KLOVE at home and in the car and AIR1 at work via the internet.
85. I buy alot of books and dvd's.
86. I was bummed that CBS cancelled Joan of Arcadia. Actually, mad would be a better word.
87. I have road rage issues. It's a good thing that I live in a smallish town and only have a 10 min commute (and it's that long because lights tend to turn red when they see me coming)
88. I love roller coasters and every year one college friend and I celebrate our birthdays by going to an amusement park. This year was our 6th annual trip.
89. I still go home for Christmas every year, to Florida, where my parents live.
90. I drive a Ford Taurus, which I like. In 6 or more years, when I get a new car I would want to get a hybrid.
91. I have had only one serious boyfriend in my life, and had he asked at the right time, I would have married him. Which would have been a mistake. He didn't believe in God or want children. I thought those things would change when he got older. I was wrong.
92. I have driven across country several times.
93. I would like to visit Ireland.
94. I am planning on visiting El Salvador in 2006
95. I still own clothes that I bought while in college, and can fit into some (but not all) of them. 96. I have joined a gym to see about fitting into some of my clothes again.
97. I know that God loves me.
98. My favorite color is blue.
99. I like hot weather better than cold, and never want to live where it snows again. I'll visit snow, but don't want to live in it!
100. A few years ago, I won a cruise to Alaska. My mom and I went. Alaska is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It is so very green and has tons of flowers! I loved the trip.


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