Monday, August 15, 2005


I have watched the first disc, which had 6 episodes and half of the second. Boy was Miss Piggy different that first year. Her eyes are a different shape and she's barely in the show at all. If you watch the disc with the "muppet nuggets" turned on, it's like a vh-1 popup. little facts appear on the screen, and they don't really mess up the show. There are skits that were never seen in the US, they were in the britian television airing only. but they put them in the episode for the disc set. (you find out which ones were cut when the nuggets are turned on) They were fun to watch. In the first episode, Kermit is drinking a glass of milk, and the milk is actually disappearing from the glass. Kermit looks up and says "think about it folks." and goes back to sipping the milk. Another muppet finishes the milk off. I just loved that line. I haven't watched the bloopers yet, they are on disc 4 and I am watching in order.


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