Tuesday, August 16, 2005

more muppets and a strange summer

First, I made an error when discussing the Muppets dvd. the "pop ups" are not called muppet nuggets they are called muppet morsels, which is much better and makes more sense, the alliteration.

The weather has been very weird this summer. I live in California. We get rain from late October til early april. This summer, it rained twice in July (one was just a spritzing) and it really rained on Aug. 15th!!! Unheard of. In all the years I have been in Northern Cal. (about 12 years) I have never seen it rain in the summer. My area also set a record, 31 days in a row over 100 deg. Even tho it's a record, that is more normal for this time of year.

God bless.


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