Friday, August 19, 2005

FAME and a wonderful website

Here's the website first: . It lists the shows that are available on dvd and lets you vote on shows you would like to see on dvd. It also has a section entitled news items added. You do have to "log in" get a password etc. but it's free and there is no junk mail because of it. Here's the great part, when one of the shows you voted for hits dvd, they do email you and let you know. Tonight, I got news that season one of FAME will hit dvd in Nov. Finally! If you read my 100 things, one thing I listed was that junk ends up on dvd and not good shows. Three good shows I meant were Fame, China Beach, and Scarecrow & Mrs. King. Hearing that one of the 3 is finally being released thrills me no end. Fame and Scarecrow have great memories for me. I watched both shows with my mom. Scarecrow was on monday nights and we both made sure we didn't work that night so we could watch it! Fame and China beach were also watched with one of my college friends that I still am close to. So this is a very exciting night for me. Since I don't have kids (yet), little things like this have to bring me joy.

Speaking of kids, thanks Will and Ran for your support of the adoption idea. Some of my cali friends try to gently discourage me, thinking that being a single mom would be too hard. I know once it happens they will be there for me and help me out, but the subtle words sadden me. So thanks. My Mom supports the idea too, and that's who really matters (besides God of course)

(see how much I'm learning will, I inserted a web link!)

God bless.


Blogger Will said...

Yeah, I saw that. Very cool. (I'm so proud.)

And hey, don't worry about being excited about Fame. I have lots of kids and I still get excited when something I've been waiting for releases on DVD.

Life is short. Enjoy the perks. We need get the rush where we can.:-)

2:44 PM  

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