Friday, May 25, 2007


So, in a short 33 days, I will be on vacation again! amazing huh? It's to Nebraska to see my brother and his family (and hopefully college friends!) and then to Boston for my cousin's wedding. My mom will be going with me too.

And, is it too early to start counting down for my next compassion trip? To Thailand, with my oldest nephew (he will turn 18 while in Thailand...but will be a senior in High School still) The trip is in November. It's 162 days, just over 5 mths away. I really can't wait for that trip either. The girl I have there is above average in school, loves music, and is 16. She asked me to come visit in her very first letter!! Very brave of her. But, in every letter she writes me she introduces herself, like it's the first letter she ever sent. I just got one from her yesterday. My day with her (at an elephant park I think--we get to ride them!) will hopefully show her that her name is written on my heart and soul and that I love her!! And would never forget her.

The picture is of Jose, he's 15. I met him in Peru. He's a compassion kid. He was sweet and followed me around for awhile. I asked him the few questions I knew in spanish, and I told him my name and how old I was. That will be so different about Thailand. I don't know even the basics of that language!!!

God bless.


Blogger Will said...

Yea! for visiting college friends! Looking forward to seeing you! 33 days, eh? Want to see some Shakespeare when you're here? :-)

4:21 PM  

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