Tuesday, April 10, 2007


It's almost here!! just 10 days til Peru! I am already 3/4 packed. I have to do laundry one more time on the 16th, I have a ton of court trials on the 18th and I have to touch up the roots of my hair on the 15th. Finish packing on the 19th. buy a few remaining items this sunday, and take a nine mile hike with folks from my church on the 14th.

Speaking of church, There have been some changes! Did I mention this already? The leader of my ministry is leaving and the worship leader and his wife (who is the leader of kids ministries) are leaving! Sigh. Also, are bass player is gone, and his wife who set up the candles every sat night. I was asked to do it instead. that's pretty cool!

God bless


Blogger Will said...

I hate when church people leave. But have a good trip. You are doing such wonderful things in this world. Be safe.

I look forward to hearing about it on your return. :-)

3:09 PM  

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