Friday, February 23, 2007

a long time

It's been forever since I have posted. I have been very busy. I have started training the attorney that will come into juvy court this week. I am very happy about that, although, it's still going to be a few more weeks of going to court with him, which means just about every day in court!!!

It's only 56 days til I go to Peru!! But Compassion hasn't even posted the schedule on the web site yet!! Trips the months after April have schedules, but not Peru! This makes me a bit anxious. I like to know and plan and have it all laid out! All I have left to buy is candy and some paints for the kids. And to pack of course.

I had a blast the weekend of the 10th. I went for a 4 day trip to Nebraska, which is mildly crazy in the winter. Totally worth it tho. I felt better when I got back. I saw my baby nephew for the first time and he's a sweetie. He has my brother's mouth, which means a big lower lip. He liked me, he let me hold him alot without crying and fell asleep in my arms.

I also went to a party for a college friend of mine. Another friend who lives in California came too. We were a suprise to her, she had no idea we were coming! It was way cool! I see her (and her hubby and kids) about once a year since they live close to my brother. The other friend hadn't seen them in 16 years, which is when we graduated, 16 years ago. (which is an incredibly scary thought.) It was really cool for us to be together and stay up and talk.

God bless!


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