Monday, January 22, 2007

A month of changes

Well, techincally, the changes don't really happen til next month. But, once one of our felony deputy's gave his 4 week notice, we all knew they were coming. After 2 weeks of endless speculation by just about everyone in our office, and by the defense attorneys, I know the moves that will be happening. Because I would like to prosecute felonies, I was interested in the open spot. I had my bible study group pray that I would be considered and that I would be placed in a position in my office that God wanted me to be in, and that I would accept the decision my office made, as being used by God to have me right where he needed me! I am not the one going to felonies, although I was considered. And that consideration made me content. I am going to do a little switch. I currently prosecute juveniles, two days a week in court, when the public defender is there. I will be going to the conflict defense atty calendar, a different 2 days in court. It's a slightly harder calendar. You deal with more than one atty and if there is a case with three defendants, two of them end up on the conflict court days, so it's a bit of a heavier calendar. And I will be training the new person that will be doing the public defender days. And I am ok with all of that.

I am, however, not ok with the news I just received. My car is toast. I had a problem with the heater core, which I was willing to pay the 500 to fix, but it also has head gaskets that are leaking, which means over 1,000 to fix, plus the 500. I had intended to get a new (well new used) car next spring (2008) but now I can't wait. I need it now. I am not putting 1500 into a ford that had 108,000 on it. (I got the phone call while I was typing this)

God bless.


Blogger Will said...

I'll be praying that this will be one of those wonderful blessings in disguise. :-)

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