Thursday, February 14, 2008


So, I had my first MRI today. And let me say, I never want to do that again. Those 15-20 minutes were horrible! The first time the guy put me in the machine, I had my eyes open and I FREAKED! I yelled get me out, get me out. I sat on the table, outside the machine while the guy explained other options to me. I decided to try again, I really didn't want a delay in the diagnosis. This time I went in with my eyes closed and didn't open them. I had my right arm positioned so I couldn't feel the wall. And I prayed. The headphones the guy gave me played christian music, I was so happy they had that selection available! I prayed for my friends and parents and compassion kids, and was still tense the whole time. My brain would scream get me out, or just the word out. But I kept my mouth closed. This had to be done, and God would get me thru it.

For years, I have had minor issues with my left shoulder, but sometime at the beginning of the month, those issues blossomed into lasting pain. There has been pain in my shoulder, nonstop for over 10 days now. I can hear the crack when I move that arm to high or to far out, or just move it to close the car door! The pain, at times, radiates down to my fingers. So I went to my Dr. on the 11th and had x-rays that day. My dr. said she could feel things grinding against each other in there! Yuck. The MRI today. The MRI people gave me the film! Odd. They will send the report to my dr. and she's supposed to call me on Tuesday with the results and perhaps a referral to an orthopedic surgeon. Luckily for me, a co-worker had surgery on his shoulder a few years back and said his guy was awesome, so I hope to go to him too.

I am a bit scared. I have never had anything majorly wrong with me, never had surgery, not even for tonsils or appendix! But God got me thru the MRI, I'm sure he'll be there while I am in surgery too.

God bless


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