Thursday, June 14, 2007

I wish I didn't have to think up titles

That does get a bit annoying. Sometimes, I just want to post an update and have no title in mind!

The photo is from Peru, the first project we visited. I fell in love with her! Her name is Yarumi and she is 8 years old. And from the moment I picked her up, I carried her until we left, about 40 minutes later. This is from about 5 minutes after I picked her up. I asked someone to take a picture and Yarumi decided to give me a big kiss on the cheek just as the lady snapped the photo. The green thing in my hand is a pear, made of some rubber type material, with the project name on it. A staff person was making them and she gave it to Yarumi to give to me, and I had Yarumi put her name on the back of it. I will definately be saving that! Later that day, another staff person gave her a necklace to give me, right before we left. It was so very sweet!

13 days til Nebraska. My mom gets there about 3 in the afternoon, I don't get there til 10 at night, except it would be 8 my time, so I lose 2 hours. We leave NE on the 5th to go to Massachusetts for my cousins wedding. I ordered a dress online and it should arrive at my house next Monday. It better fit, or I have no clue what I will wear at the wedding. The reception is in a Castle in New Hampshire!

She asked my mom to read a prayer at the wedding. I was so happy to hear that. I like that she is involving my mom. They have gotten a bit closer since mom got email.

143 days til Thailand. The kind of sad part about that trip, is that because I am doing 2 trips this year, I won't be going on any in 2008! The next one would be June of 2009. To long to count down. The 2009 trip will be to Indonesia, and my intent is to take my oldest neice, who will be 17 by then.

God bless


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