Thursday, May 22, 2008 Indonesia

So, further update on my shoulder. I saw the surgeon guy yesterday. He said something even different!!! Sigh. So, it's not a bone spur, at least not the way I was thinking of it. It is in the fact that my shoulder bone is just a bit the dr. said "it was made that way" I was thinking that it was a kind of a I have heard from others who had a bone spur! As to surgery, the Dr. didn't seem to think that it was necessary, so long as I don't do things that inflame the area. He basically said take ibuprofin, and cortisone shots if you want, and you should be fine, but if it's not the the level it was before I made it all worse (in Jan.) then I could reconsider. Interesting. So, I guess for now, I won't have the surgery. He said if I did, I would have a sling for about a week and then some P.T. He gave me a prescription for strong ibuprofin and I'll take that and see what happens. I'll give it a few months and if it's not back to my version of normal (pre jan.) Then I'll go back to the surgeon!

Mom was in the hospital. She's going to be fine, but I was very worried, and it wasn't even a "she's getting older" kind of thing. She got bit by a poisonous caterpillar and the dr. gave her the wrong medicine which lowered her immune system and she got a massively bad bowel infection! Sigh. I went to Florida while she was in the hospital to help out. I am so grateful to God that she is getting better! I'm not ready to lose her.

And it's only 39 days til I go to Indonesia with Compassion!

God bless


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