Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Longer than I thought

Wow, I didn't realize that 3 1/2 months had passed without a post!

Mom is fine. My shoulder is back to normal and I am no longer taking the ibuprofin. Indonesia was awesome!

There was a 77 year old lady on the tour. She had a few minor difficulties, but all in all she got around great! Even to the home visits! I think she must have had a stroke because one side of her face was a bit droopy, but she was amazing and I loved getting to know her. And she was inspirational. I hope that when I am 77 I am still going on tours to visit my kids.

I got the best letter ever from one of my kids, Brayan in Ecuador. He wrote that he thought of me as a mom and hoped that I thought of him as my son! I wrote back and said that it was the best thing I ever read in my life and that he was blessed by God because he had two mom's who loved him and that of course I thought of him as my son. Just writing this brings tears to my eyes!

Meeting Arlita in Indonesia was great! She was a bit serious, and a bit overwhelmed when I gave her the gifts, but I told her that I thought of her as my daughter and wanted to give her everything! And she gave me a dress that they bought and a banner she sewed with my name on it. I wrote her when I got back that it made me think of the Bible story of the widow and her pennies. That Arlita gave from her need and I gave from my plenty and all in all, her gift meant more!

It's been a weird mom related summer. First, my mom was ill, then a girl I have been mentoring since 8th grade (she's almost 21) her mom died (I was at the hospital when they took the mom off the respirator...and I had been friends with the mom at one point) on June 27th, three days before my trip to Indonesia. I also learned that another friend's mom had been diagnosed with cancer and she passed away August 19. I have another friend whose mom fell and broke her hip, and sometime this spring/summer had a replacement surgery, where they accidentally broke her pelvic bone! and now she has a blood clot, and is still not allowed to leave her bed. And a fourth friend whose mom was in the hospital. It seems too much to be a coincidence that all these mom's are having issues at the same time. I know my mom is fine, but I have to wonder what God might be telling me.

I have joined a new bible study on Daniel, by Beth Moore, it's part video part workbook. I like it. The meets thursday 5:30 AM til 7 am. I have to leave at 6:55 to make it home in time to get ready for work. but to go to the study I have to get up two hours earlier than normal! (1 hour if I go to the gym like I should---but that's too early too!) So pray that God gives me energy! Because Wednesday night is the only night of the week I can't go to bed early, it's my bowling night.

I think there is more, but that will update for now!
God bless.


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