Friday, January 09, 2009

09 off to a bad start

I came back from Florida on the 4th of January. I went to work on the 5th. A friend of mine begain IMing me first thing that morning. She told me that a mutual friend of ours, Donna, had passed away on the 2nd. She went to Stanford hospital on Dec. 24th (while I was in Florida) and was diagnosed with cancer....a very rare and agressive cancer. She and her husband prayed that she wouldn't suffer, and she died shortly after that prayer. The good news, her husband felt that his faith in God was justified, because He answered such and important prayer, the bad...a light has gone out of this world. Donna was vibrant, joyous, happy, and always busy with work, family and volunteering at our church and for other worthy causes. She would have turned 39 today and had her 3rd year anniversary on the 21st of this month.

I have been given a small honor. I had made a cross stitch wreath for their wedding, with their names, a Bible verse, the date and at the top it said a fairy tale romance (the words they put on their wedding invites) and had it framed. They are going to display it at the viewing (which is today) I was very touched that it meant that much to Donna and her husband. The funeral is tomorrow.

I have been told that she was the same right up until she went home to God, happy, full of life and her request was that tomorrow be a celebration and a party (there is one scheduled for after the funeral) and no black was to be worn.

I spoke w/ her husband on the phone for several hours Monday night, and went over to his house last night with other friends. He is glad she isn't suffering, but he misses her terribly.

I just can't believe she is gone. I can't believe this year started with the death of someone I loved.

She will be greatly missed.

(this portion posted 90 minutes later)
I just learned that the wife of a coworker had an ultrasound yesterday. It was not good. The baby's (Clara) 18th chromosome didn't split. That means very bad things. Most notable of which is that she will carry the baby to term (due in May) and the baby will die within a few days. Her heart is messed up, she has larges cysts in the brain, and no bones in her arms. I can't even imagine the pain the mother will experience every day for the next 5 mths as she feels her daughter move and kick, knowing that she will never grow up.

I really don't like the way this year is starting.

God bless.


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