Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Life plods along

Honestly, not much has happened since my last post. My life tends to be like that, just plodding along. In a way, that's good. It means that nothing really horrible is happening, and little things like fame on dvd can excite me.

But somehow, it's not really the life I pictured for myself. I suppose no one truly gets the life they pictured. Our childhood pictures aren't based in reality. When we are kids, we are unaware of the realities of the grownup world. I had my whole life mapped out by the time I was 13 or so. I saw my cousin go thru the same thing. From the time she was 14 or so, her plan was get married, be a teacher, live next door to her best friend (who would also be a teacher) have 2 kids (boy first then a girl) She's 22 now, living with a pretty great guy, and working at a financial institution (having majored in business in college) and living in a totally different state then her friend (who also skipped on the teacher idea)

It's kind of like those sitcom episodes where they find some old list of things they wanted to accomplish by a certain age, and they go crazy trying to figure out how to do those things on the list. We can never accomplish all the things on our childhood lists. Some things are very unrealistic and not based on what talents and gifts we have, but ones we wish we possessed.

How is it that we end up so far from the pictures we created for ourselves as kids?

Although, part of the picture is there for me, I am a prosecutor. I just somehow thought it would be more vibrant, exciting, challenging and different every day than it actually is. People keep committing the same sorts of crimes, thefts, auto burgs, assaults and batteries, vandalism and drugs. There are only a few possiblities on how to deal with these kids and their crimes.


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