Friday, December 08, 2006


So many people choose poorly. They chose to follow their own goals, their own plans. Sometimes, that in itself, won't lead to disaster, but choosing to walk away from God for those goals will. And way too many people do that. Satan invades the world and will work in any crack you have in your life and then next thing you know, your world has collapsed, and the fall out impacts so many other people. A choice to walk away from God hurts more than just that person.

I just learned a close friend of mine is getting divorced. She and her husband were at church every Saturday night, like I was. Her husband seemed so on fire for God. She realized they were having problems, and they went to counseling, but only a couple of times. The husband said it's not working forget it, I don't want to be married to you anymore. He told her she should leave, and not just the house, but the state! And she can take the kids. He started watching things he shouldn't have, he walked away from God and 4 other people get to suffer the consequences. Not to mention others at church who benefitted from her volunteering. It's a bit similar to my ex-sister in laws reaction a few years ago. My bro wanted counseling, he wanted it to work. She didn't. She wouldn't go. And their 5 kids watched their parents split up, and knew that it was because their mom walked away from God.

I understand getting mad at God, I've been there done that. I've yelled at God til I collapsed on the bed in tears. I yelled thru the tears. I asked Why, I screamed WHY. And I have made some choices in my life that contradicted God's teachings. But what my ex-sis in law did, what this former church man is doing, goes further than that. And I want to cry for my friend. Her choice to work on the marriage, to stay with the man she loves, was taken from her, she was left with no option.

Please pray for her, and the children.
God bless


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