Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Yesterday, I read Pete's blog (thunderhorse roughneck, listed on the side) and felt like celebrating. I have been reading his blog for a year, making occasional comments. His blog detailed the time he spent in Iraq. And I was so excited for him and his family, that he's back in the states, his tour over, and will soon be back home with his family, I certainly hope in time for Christmas!

They have updated the Compassion site, well at least put a bit more info on there about the trip to Peru. They are going to fly out of Miami. Sigh. I expected that, and it's great for my mom, who won't need a plane ticket to the airport we fly out of, but I will and boy is it rough to fly all day, and the very next day, fly all day!!! I had kind of hoped for Dallas, because that is where I'll likely have a layover anyway, and it wouldn't have been such a long day. (btw: it's 163 days and counting til Peru!)

Unfortunately, even tho' the cross stitch projects fit in the envelope, they can't be mailed. The deal Compassion has with customs doesn't incude cloth items, so all of the ones I already sent (7) will be donated to a charity. I was very sad about that! Well, I can finish the ones I have and bring them with me when I go to visit and give 3 of them out personally!

Last week at bowling, I got a 188!! wow. I was so close to the 200 game, but it's still proving elusive. Maybe tonight????

Next week, I will be in a training in South Carolina. I have no idea if the hotel has a computer room where I can check out the internet and blogs and email. But I don't have a laptop, so I may be out of touch for a bit. I will likely have close to 500 junk emails by the time I get back!

God bless.


Blogger Will said...

South Carolina! And counting down for Peru---you're like, the everywhere woman or something. Hope it was a good trip for you.



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