Thursday, December 07, 2006

Almost Done

So, I am almost done Christmas shopping. I found a tiny bit of creativity when I went to my local Christian bookstore. The last two that I have to buy, are....Guess tickets. I mentioned to one of my friends that I was almost done, and she said, I bet I'm left, and I said yep. She said do you need ideas, I said well, I was just planning on doing the movies or a dinner out, like usual, and she said, oh movies please, that way I can get my husband to go!! SO I guess the standards are sometimes best!

Just 9 days til I go to Florida and 133 til Peru!

I am actually going to do 2 Compassion trips next year! The second will be to Thailand in Nov. I am going to take my oldest nephew with me. He will turn 18 while in Thailand! (did I already mention this?) This will not be a normal occurance, in fact because of the 2 trips in 2007, I don't plan on going on one in 2008. (Of course, I thought I'd only be doing one trip in '07, but God had different ideas and who knows what will happen in 2008!) But that's the plan, for now. And in spring of 08 my oldest nephew graduates high school!!!! I still have tons of baby/kid photo's around my apartment, how can he be almost done with school?

God bless


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