Friday, August 26, 2005

Raining flowers

Today, as I am driving back to work from lunch, I am sitting in a left hand turn lane. There is a very tall moving type truck in front of me. On my left, in the median, are trees, with little flowers with reddish petals on them. The light turns green, the truck moves forward, brushing up against the tree branches, and little flowers and petals rain down on my windshield. It was very pretty and was a tiny bright moment in an otherwise unnoteworthy day. (at least so far) It made me smile.

Of course, I then get back to work and have a very hard time fitting into my parking spot, (parallel to the building) because the person who has the first spot didn't pull all the way forward. She had just gotten out of her car when I pulled up. She looked at the space, looked at her car, frowned, and left. On the way to her building (next door) she took frequent peeks back, checking out my progress and frowning. At the door to her building, she stopped and watched, as I tried for the third, and successful, time to get my taurus into that spot! Sigh. I already have issues with other drivers anyway and things like this don't help!

I have added a link to the side. Whether you agree or disagree with the war in Iraq, our soldiers are over there, worrying, working, and feeling lonely. If you read this, and can help, click the link. The organization will send a care package on your behalf, or if you have the time to make and ship a package on your own, you can link thru the site on the side to the parent site, and you click on a name and they tell you want they want/need in their unit, to make life mildly bearable in 130 degree heat.

God bless


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