Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The new reality sucks

This new world where my dad had a heart attack is not one I like. He went back in to the hospital last night. Yesterday, he had problems breathing and his heart rate went up to 150 beats, instead of the normal 80 or so. They took him to the hospital and gave him oxygen and have no idea what is wrong. The are giving him tests today and it's over 5 hours til I'll be able to talk to my mom again and find out if the doctor's have figured it out.

I am not really liking this holiday season. Some of my close friends found out their dog had cancer and they had to put him to sleep. A day later, (last night) those same friends found out that their brother in law is in the hospital for something that may be wrong with his pancreas. (like cancer?????) How can any of us feel the joy of the Christmas season (which I normally love, I have fun giving presents) when we are all so worried?

And yet, for all the worry, there are people in New Orleans that have nothing. There are people all over the world still way worse off than I. Sad things make me aware of just how many people are always sad. And it makes me wonder why God is waiting to come back. He should come now.

I'll write again, when I know something.

God bless.


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