Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Miracles and family

I love how God can work scary things for good.

While talking to my brother on Sat. night, about dad's heart attack, Bro and I discussed my Uncle K., dad's bro.

UK and my dad haven't spoken since grammy died, 14 years ago. They were both grieving and UK said something stupid and my dad was really hurt and things went downhill from there. It has been a bit of a worry ever since. My dad refused to call UK and UK seemingly was refusing to call dad. When asked, dad would say I have no brothers. And he was pretty adamant about that. Despite that, mom had occasionally talked to them and I sent christmas cards back and forth.

So, Bro asked me if mom had called UK about dad's heart attack. I said not yet, but if she didn't I would. This seemed like a chance to repair the relationship. I spoke to mom about it and she seemed to think it would be better for me to call than her. So, on monday night I called and got my Aunt S. She asked me for the number to the hospital, which I took as a good sign. I didn't have to force it on her. She also said UK would call on tues (it was after 8 east coast time when I called and UK wasn't home)

SO, on tuesday, about 4 est., I get a message from mom that UK did call dad and the world was well. I called dad (who should be getting out of hospital today) and he was almost crying. He said to me, I am going to strangle you then give you tons of hugs and kisses. Thank you, I have a brother again. And dad was genuinly thrilled.

They made up! Apparently UK has had a whole host of family issues and personal issues over the years, making him feel bad about himself. And as time passed, he wanted to call dad, but didn't know how to fix things between them, and the more time that passed the harder it got.

While I would not recommend a near death experience, it can heal a family. God used it for good, to reuinte 2 brothers. I was so glad that my phone call worked. And even happier that they could love each other again before it was truly too late. And I was almost crying too.

God bless.


Blogger ranraniam said...

That is awesome news. Things like this really make you step back and evalute the relationships you have in your life. I am glad your Dad is on the mend.

8:03 PM  
Blogger Will said...

Almost crying? I'm crying right now. That is so awsome. Thanks for sharing that story. And thanks for being bold.

You are a treasure.

12:04 PM  
Blogger SGT. Pete Puebla said...

What a wonderful story. Look how much your Dad and Uncle could have lost. Now they have found each other again. Amen! Now they will be able to live our their lives in peace.

2:26 AM  

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