Friday, October 14, 2005

Too many Hurricanes

Everyone is aware of the hurricanes that hit the U.S. I wonder how many are aware of Hurricane Stan, it hit Central America on the 1st of October. I have mentioned going to El Salvador, and it was hit pretty hard. Here is some info from the Compassion Web site.
"Tropical Storm Stan has created rainstorms and heavy flooding throughout Central America since Saturday, October 1, 2005. After making landfall along Mexico's Gulf Coast, Hurricane Stan weakened to a tropical storm. However, the devastating effects of heavy rains and flooding have created landslides and evacuations throughout the area.
"As rains subside, the country of El Salvador is beginning to recover from the recent flooding due to tropical storm Stan. Though the rains have stopped, thousands of refugees are still in shelters because of the loss of their homes and personal belongings. The government of El Salvador estimates that in San Salvador alone, more than $120 million will be needed to repair drains that were damaged in the storm.
Compassion El Salvador has provided food and clothing to nearly 400 children and their families throughout the country who are in the affected areas.
Please continue to pray for the country of El Salvador as they recover from this disaster.
Compassion is already providing clean water, food, blankets, clothes, medicines and personal items. But the costs are expected to be substantial — far more than can be covered through sponsorship support alone. Donate now to the Hurricane Stan Fund. Your gift will be an incredible blessing to a sponsored child during this time of heartbreaking need. "

I know many have given to the relief efforts for Katrina/Rita, but despite whatever slowness there was in the government's response, ours is a rich country that has already raised millions for New Orleans and our government will continue to assist in the rebuilding efforts. I do not have the same confidence in the government in El Salvador. It is a much poorer country. America has Hollywood and music stars doing benefits for New Orleans, El Salvador does not. If you can help, please do, and thanks.

I have checked online and the Compassion school for Nahum, my sponsored child, is not listed among those damaged, nor is it listed among those being used for shelters, so I am assuming that he is safe and the specific area he lives in wasn't badly hit.

God bless


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Hope all is well with Nahum. Will contribute on the site.

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