Monday, November 07, 2005

My dad

My dad and I have always had issues. Not abuse or anything, but my dad always put football, and any other sport known to man, before his wife and his kids. Over the past 10 years or so, I have tried to develop a closer relationship with him. My mom and I are best friends and we are very close, and I wanted something like that with dad. But it never seemed to happen. The deep bond that mom and I shared just didn't seem to be there with dad.

This past saturday (the 5th) I learned that the bond was much deeper than I thought. Let me start this paragraph by saying my Dad is going to be fine. But Sat. night I wasn't so sure. My mom called me as I was on my way to church. She told me Dad had a heart attack and was being transferred from the hospital he was at to another one. And then she had to go, so she could get to the new hospital. I continued to church, figuring that was a good place to be.

Side note here, I learned just how wonderful my church was! I was sitting there crying and friends came up and prayed for me. People I hadn't talked to before came up and prayed for me. I was surrounded by love and caring, and I knew God was there. By the time the service was over, just about everyone knew about my dad and was praying for him and my family.

So, I was sitting in church, and I couldn't stop crying. I was so very scared that I was going to lose my daddy. And I wasn't ready for that. My dad has not had heart problems ever! This was totally unexpected and I was literally shaking. I would stop crying for a few minutes and then start up again. (which should show folks how upset I was, because I NEVER cry in front of people!)

I got home and called the hospital. It was 9 my time and midnight in florida. ( I wasn't even paying attention to that!) I got the CCU and the nurse, who was exceptionally nice, transferred me to a portable phone and let me talk to my daddy. Something that she probably wasn't supposed to do. There are no phones in the rooms in the CCU, for good reason. So I got to talk to him. And I felt relieved. He was going to be ok. He was groggy, but he told me that he had an angio and 2 stints were put in 2 arteries and that no other surgeries would be necessary. His two arteries had been 90% and 98% blocked. That's pretty bad. I talked to mom for a few minutes and she was so very exhausted. She still is. She isn't sleeping too well. My mom is a worrier in the first place and stuff like this doesn't help. (stuff like this is what might get her to start smoking again, so please pray that she won't)

I also didn't like the feeling of helplessness. They are so very far away from me and there was nothing I could do. I couldn't hug mom and help her thru this. I couldn't visit my dad see for myself that he looked better. I love him, and the bond is just as deep as the one for my mom, just shaped differently. I am very happy that I am going home for christmas and will have two weeks with my parents. I am very happy that daddy will be there.

God bless.


Blogger Will said...

I'm glad you had your church family right at the right time. I'd be there to hug you too if I could. I'm glad your dad's going to be ok.

We'll be praying for you and your family.

Much love.

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