Friday, December 02, 2005

A change in plans

Well, finally news. They moved Dad to the heart specialty hospital this morning, and by 5:30 est, he had a defibulator installed, was back in his room and able to talk to me on the phone!! He gets to go home tomorrow. I am going to Florida on the 10th instead of the 17th. I need to see him. And mom is taking 2 weeks family medical leave and I'll be there to help with the second week. He can't drive for 2 weeks or really do anything! When I called to switch my plane ticket, I expected to have to pay the $50 fee. But the plane ticket I was changing to was cheaper than the original and they credited that against the 50, and so I only had to pay $14!! Pretty cool. I get an extra week with my parents.

Thank you God, that my dad is going to be ok.

God bless!


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