Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The wedding

So, it's done. They are married. It was an interesting experience. The wedding was supposed to start at 2, it started sometime after 3:15. I froze, as did everyone else. I was shivering! and I still have my cold, Sunday was pretty bad, the freezing set my recovery back.

The groom had 2 girls from a prior marriage. The best part of the ceremony was when the Pastor said that the new parents were committing to a family and kids and gave commitment rings to the 2 girls (very pretty diamond platinum) The girls were so excited and the older one (11, and 9) almost cried. It was so very sweet.

I had to safety pin the top part on the back of my dress, the snap kept popping. Unfortunately, when I was dancing at the reception, the pin kept popping too. Some very nice people always pinned it back together for me. The reception went pretty good. The food was awesome. The dinner part started pretty late too. The head table went first, and thank goodness I was at the head table, the line moved VERY slow. The line went right by the head table so all the staving guests got to watch us eat!

I flirted with a guy in line he was really cute. Then he dropped his name and I bet I made a really icky face. His last name is not a common one and I knew instantly he must be related to a defense atty in my county, a defense atty no one can stand. He confirmed that he was the guy's son. We kept talking a bit longer, til the gap between him and the person in front of him was too big to ignore. It was kind of fun. I don't flirt very much, or very well, but it seemed to be going ok. He left before the dancing started tho. Oh well. After the icky face, he might not have wanted to talk to me anymore anyway.

God bless.


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