Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back in California

So much for the hit or miss. Everytime I went to the library to check my email, I had SO MANY emails that I didn't have time to get to the blog. Each time, Mom or Dad, had already found their books and were waiting for me to just finish up the email! I didn't want to keep them waiting.

It was a very different sort of vacation. I went to the beach twice, went to all my second hand stores and found some pretty good deals. I even went bowling once with Mom. But it was all under a cloud. The stress and the worry underlined everything we did. The first Monday I was there, the 12th of Dec, Dad went and had an ultrasound on his arm. It was swollen. They found a blood clot and put him on this drug called cumiden (sp?) to prevent more blood clots. But the Dr. neglected to tell Dad that his Protime levels had to be checked regularly (every 4-5 days!!) so on Dec. 25th Dad wasn't feeling so great and he called the Dr.'s answering service. About 7 pm he got a call back and was told to go to the Emergency room to have his blood checked. So, on Christmas we all went to the hospital. They ran the test, and the Dr. said a normal person was a 1 and someone on plavix (as Dad is) should be a 2 and someone on plavix and cumiden should be a high 2 or a low 3. Dad was a 9!!!!!!!! He was very toxic and spent the next day and a half in the hospital, increasing everyone's stress level. He's fine now and his levels are being monitored.

God bless


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