Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So little time

Donna's wedding is in less than 2 weeks, and she still seems a bit behind in preparation, but I have faith that it will all come together just fine. I tried on the dress I ordered yesterday, and it fit...barely!! No more snacks for me til the wedding! I have to find a pair of silver shoes. Donna booked a Hair/Makeup salon for us on the 21st and we are all getting hair and makeup applied. I hope they don't put it on too heavy. I also hope they give me the tube of lipstick they use on me. I can't stand lipstick and I chew it off within minutes of putting it on. I am going to try really hard not to do that, but I better have the lipstick so I can fix it. The dress comes with a little purse so I can put it, a little mirror, a camera, my keys and my driver's license in there! I am so glad that it comes with a purse.

Pray that it is warm and sunny on the 21st please, Donna wants an outdoor wedding, and I don't want to freeze!!!!

I am also frantically working to finish the cross stitch for their wedding present. It's a wreath and I am going to put in the middle, A fairytale romance (her wedding theme) their names and date and a Bible verse. (as soon as I can find one I like) I am at the backstitching stage (outlining the flowers and leaves and ribbons) and then have the letters to do. Then I have to figure out if I can frame it myself or let Michaels do it. They do a great job framing my cross stitch stuff, but that takes 2-3 weeks. If I let Michaels do it, I am going to take a photo of the cross stitch and put it in the card and tell them the actual picture will be there when they get back from their honeymoon. (3 weeks in Figi)

God bless.


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