Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Life keeps going

I just wrote that title because I couldn't think of something better. As I read thru the blogs I like, I realize that the blogging craze might be dying down. These folks used to post almost daily, and now, it seems to be monthly and a few every 2-3 months! I certainly don't post often, just every 2-3 weeks.

I signed up another little boy to sponsor at Compassion. He had been waiting over a year for a sponsor and that was kind of sad. You can search by longest waiting. Anyway, he has a pretty good sponsor now. I have been sewing cross stitch projects for all my kids. Making little Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, or Mickey Mouse pictures. They are pretty small. they have to be, they have to fit in an envelope! I like sewing them, and I hope the kids like them. 187 days til Peru! I made a payment for the tour on monday, half down half to go.

Last week I got my second highest score in bowling, a 184. The other two games were a 129 and a 142, pretty good, especially when you know that my average was 127. It won't be any more!! I am thinking it will go up to a 131, which will be my highest average ever. I have been bowling pretty good lately. I hope it carries thru tonight.

I am going to a training in South Carolina next month. It's a free one on trial advocacy. I can't wait. Well, most of me can't. We perform. We wear our suits and do parts of the trial and the instructors critique us. You have to be pretty secure to do that, and learn instead of get depressed. Also, because I have gained about 20 pounds in the past 3 years, I can only fit into 3 of my trial suits!! Because I have been prosecuting kids, and don't do jury trials currently, it didn't matter. But I need to find two more suits that fit in the 21 days I have left before I go!! Sigh. I hate clothes shopping. I worked so hard and long to find a good wardrobe of suits and now they don't fit. That is one part of getting older that I definately don't like! So this weekend the plan is to go to the outlets and search until I drop. ICK!!! Oh and most of the weight went into my tummy, so, in certain clothes it actually looks like I am pregnant. Now that is truly not fair. I have never been, nor will I ever be, pregnant. Yet I have the side effect. ICK again.

God bless


Blogger Will said...

It doesn't really die down, people just take a break and mostly come back to it. Hang in there, it'll come back to life.p

7:23 PM  

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