Tuesday, August 29, 2006


So this is just a bad year. A very bad year, a horrendous year. One of my friends is struggling with bad things, which just keep coming, she doesn't seem to get a break. As soon as she just starts to process one bad thing another happens. And none are of her own making, other people making poor choices hurting her and her family.

Then we have issues with my office. My prior boss resigned because of a ton of negative articles being written about him. Then one of or offices caught fire and burned up. We managed to find a place for all those people, in our other 3 offices, but it was tight. And we were using desks of people on vacation or medical leave. Today, it was raining in my office building, and yes I said raining INSIDE my building. The restroom upstairs had water running all night, and it soaked thru the floor and the stuff that makes up our ceiling and it rained. Luckily for me, my office is fine. Unfortunately, the clerks area is not, and a couple of offices aren't. We had 4 people that moved in from the office that burned and now they, and the rest of us have to move out. For a week or two. I don't like feeling displaced. Half of my office is in my car, becuase I wasn't sure when it would stop raining and I didn't want things to get ruined. The other half, well there are health concerns so we aren't allowed back in til it's cleaned up and the carpet is replaced. SIGH. I am taking the office (starting tomorrow) of a clerk that had already been displaced from the burned office. They are moving her again, so I can have an office instead of just a desk in the clerks area (she is a legal secretary) SIGH. And our poor new boss, what a time to start, his first day, literally was dealing with the fire and that was just last month.

Please pray that the year gets better for my office, and my friends!

God bless


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