Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A birthday present from God

Yesterday, I turned 37. I had a pretty good birthday, even if I was at work. But my best present came when I got home. I went to get my mail and I got 3 letters from my Compassion kids! One from the Philippines, one from Thailand and the last from Nahum in El Salavador! I love God's timing what a perfect birthday gift, to get letters from my kids! The one from Nahum especially, I had been waiting to get one since I visited him in El Salvador! I wanted to see what he would say.

Here's what he wrote (as translated by the Compassion staff):
Receive greeting from your little friend Nahum. Let me tell you that I enjoyed very much the place where you took me. I was so excited to share with you. I loved to be in the sliders and the swimming pool with waves. Did you enjoy the place? I had lots of fun. Thank you for the lovey gifts you brought me. My mom is taking good care of her kitchen stuff and I am taking care of my beautiful ball (I got him a soccer ball) I received your letters and the pictures (of our trip to the water park) Please pray for me always, with love Nahum.

Isn't that very wonderful? I get teary when I read it. He is such a reserved little kid, it was hard to tell what he was thinking while we were at the park. I love him so. I love all my kids.

Laddawan, from Thailand, in her very first letter is already asking me to visit!! Wow. She is pretty smart. She is 15. Rowena is in the Philippines and she turns 11 on the 29th of July. She called me Aunt in the greeting of the letter. And included a bible verse! Jeremiah 42:3 {go look it up! : ) }

The days leading up to my birthday were a bit strange and kinda changed my world. I think I can safely put this here, even tho' it's work related because it's been in the paper and on the local news. Our Big Boss, who decided not to run for reelection and was retiring in Dec. 06, has been in the papers alot since the beginning of the year. Someone at the paper didn't like him, I think. They were all negative articles that called into question his ethics. He was in a car accident last Tuesday and last Friday, for the good of the office, he resigned effective on my birthday. SO the DA-elect will take over sooner than planned. But there is more!!!!! On Sunday morning, around 7:30 am, I got a call from a friend. Well, I need to back up a bit here. The district attorney's office here, is actually housed in four different locations. We couldn't all fit into one office!! Anyway, our felony office is in the courthouse. There were 13 people in that office. and there are 3 courtrooms in that building. So I get the call, and my friend tells me that the courthouse is on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came down town about 8:45 to check it out. A big portion of our felony office is completely gone. Three of the atty offices were saved and the rest of the court house is intact, albeit with a lot of smoke damage. No one is sure when we will be able to use those 3 courtrooms again. Here's a link to a picture in the Merced sun starhttp://www.mercedsunstar.com/local/story/12463486p-13182743c.html

So, my office just got a bit packed 2 attys and two clerks were moved in and we are the "new" felony clearing zone. The offices in this building have walls, but the don't quite go all the way to the ceiling, they are better than the dilbert cubicles, but....you can hear everything!! So lots of changes for the beginning of my 37th year in life!

God bless


Blogger Will said...

Happy happy birthday wishes (again)---I hope year 37 goes better than it seems to have started. No one needs that much craziness.

Much love.

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