Friday, September 23, 2005

Life Hurts God Heals, Third Thursday

There are 4 girls in my group, all in high school. 2 of them didn't come last night. It's kind of strange. Both have done the classes before and wanted to do them again and I spoke to both during the week and neither gave any indication that they weren't coming back. I plan on calling them tonight or tomorrow.

I now have a co-leader. I am still the leader, but another lady signed up and so they gave me a co-leader. The cool part about that was when the guy in charge of the whole program said, "you'll be working with KatieScarlett, she's new too, but I trust her." A good thing! A nice compliment.

There is a free 6 hour Christian concert near (well, sort of near-2.5 hours) me in Oct. I told the 2 that came that I'd like to take them (my co-leader too) and they both thought that would be fun. I was VERY happy that they wanted to go. One of the girls asked how many of the small groups were going and I said just us, I wanted our group to go do something fun together. I could tell she liked that idea. She's the one that I am really worried about and I was very happy to see her come back for the third week.

You get a really good feeling from connecting with these troubled kids. That's God's reward for listening to Him and doing what He asks.

God bless.


Blogger miketheo1212 said...

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Blogger Will said...

Hey there Ms Scarlet,

This sounds very cool. You are doing such good things. I'm very proud of you (I hope that doesn't sound condescending--I just really admire what you are doing with yourself).

What's the name of the concert?

1:39 PM  

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