Thursday, September 22, 2005

more alan

I was thrilled to learn that Alan Alda and I share a love for books. Here's a quote from his book. "I wanted to possess books and to always have one in my hand." (pg. 59) I feel the same way. I collect books and always have one around for quick access! I have a book in my car, for lunches alone, lines at the post office, and waiting for trains to pass. I have one by my bed and usually one in the living room. I own over 1,000 books (and fit them all into a 1 bdrm apt.) I adore reading.

He had a pretty rough childhood. He had polio. He also had a mom who had serious mental health issues. And he's been married to one woman for almost 50 years and his 3 girls have normal lives. Pretty cool, a bit unusual, what with his childhood and Hollywood usual 10 min. marriages.

God Bless.


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