Friday, September 16, 2005

Second Thursday

All week long, I somehow knew that I would remain the "leader" instead of a co-leader. (God keeps promoting me) I figured it would happen because we were getting more kids. Instead it happened because the "leader"'s daughter got sick. And after two weeks completed in a program where trust is earned and the kids start talking about their terrible lives, it's hard to catch up and putting her in and me back to "co" status would actually not be so great for the girls.

I am working w/ 4 high school girls. The program is called Life hurts God heals, and is based on the Beattitudes and was developed by Willow Creek. It's a pretty good program. I have to admit some of the questions they ask the kids (and me) are really making me think. And some of them make me realize how far I have come from the little girl who sat on a closet shelf, hiding from the world and crying.

Now, the whole thing is 100% confidential. But, as I sit there listening to these girls, I keep sending the words "thank you God" to heaven. My childhood and teen years were horrible. I was miserable, spent most of my days in tears, praying that God would let me come home. And that pain was real, and impacted me greatly. But what others go thru' everyday is so much worse. And I thank God that I didn't have "worse". That I had such a wonderful mom, who I knew loved me and my brother more than anything else in the world, except God. She sacrificed so much for us and my plan is to call her today and thank her. And for all the problems I have with my father, he's still better than the other options out there.

On a different note, Wednesday was my bowling night. It was the second week of league. There were several new teams, so last week they established their average. The team we played this week, and a really low average and a really high handicap, 170 pins above ours!!!!! And, the more you do something the better you get at it and bowling is no exception. They all bowled better than their averages. This truly made it impossible for us to win. And while I play to relax and have fun, I do like to think I have a CHANCE to win!! Next week, that team will have higher averages and a lower handicap, so it was our misfortune to play them so early in the year. Ah well.

God bless


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