Friday, September 09, 2005

First Thursday

Ok. So I think God has a great sense of humor. Last spring, I signed up to be a CO-leader in the crown financial ministries small group. That means I WOULD NOT be in charge and I'd just be helping someone who has been a leader before. Well, my leader dropped out and low and behold I got promoted!

So, Last night, the first Thursday of the Life Hurts God heals bible study for teens w/ issues began. Again, I signed up to be a CO-leader. Can anyone guess what happened?? My Leader couldn't be there, so another Lady was going to lead, except we had a ton of kids and low and behold I got promoted! Luckily for me, they put a girl in my group who has done the program twice before, so she helped me a little.

I was trained, but the training was sort of done with the assumption that I would be a CO-leader and I would be following someone else's lead. The other leader should be there next thursday, so it's just a temporary promotion.

It was very cool. There are so many kids out there hurting. It's nice to have a place for them to go and hear about God and help each other, just by listening. Giving them a place to freely talk and vent without fear is a very important thing.

Also, since it was the first night, the kids had to register. I signed up to assist at the information desk. I walked up to the desk and the kid there said we need you to fill out a form. I looked at her and said what? She said you have to fill out a form. I said why? and another leader came up and said to the kid, she's a co-leader and the kid goes wow, you look young. Now, I know I look young, but I didn't think that I looked like I was still in High School!!!!!!!!!!! I am 36, a long way from high school!

And that is the second time this week I got that "young" reaction. During lunch on Thursday, I went the christian bookstore, where I bought the new casting crowns album ( ) and the manafest album, and the lady at the counter asked me if I was attending the university!!! That's mildly better than folks thinking I am in high school, but at 36 college is also far behind me.

Just a strange day. And I can't wait for next thursday. Because you know what, I will be learning too, and growing too, and as much as I can be there for the kids, they will be there for me too.

God bless


Blogger ranraniam said...

In my experience there is nothing more satisfying than to pour yourself and your experiences into the lives of young people. They can be so receptive and I am sure that you will receive back way more than you ever though possible. Good for you.

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