Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Everyone is aware of the disaster in Louisiana and Mississippi and Georgia, and I, along with many others, am praying for the survivors.

But I need to rant a little here. What the heck is wrong with people? There are many folks down there, who are wading in the water and going into WalMarts and other such stores and LOOTING. They aren't just taking necessities, which could be excused, but electronics etc. I heard that one guy took 42 tshirts, that is above and beyond a necessity. They are also arming themselves and I heard one report, although I can't remember from where, that they actually shot an officer rather than be arrested for looting.

As a prosecutor, I know that there are many evil people out there. And these folks are right up there. I personally am hoping that they all contract some awful non-life threatening, but extremely painful disease from wandering around in the polluted waters.

As if the folks hadn't gone thru enough, anything that MIGHT have survived the hurricane is getting jacked by creeps. Evil. As if the officers and rescue workers don't have some better things to do. They have to waste time chasing down these creeps. My mom says that looters that are caught can serve 15 years in prison, I say good, let them do every day of that 15 years. Send a message to anyone who has a similar idea in the next natural disaster. Just majorly wrong.

On a different note, but related. They were talking about the last major hurricane, Camille, to hit that area and how that was back in 1969, and I thought wow that was almost 40 years ago (thinking that is a nice long time to go between hurricanes) and then it hit me!! I was BORN in 1969, which means I am almost 40! When I turned 36 last month, the whole 40 thing wasn't even in my head, but now it is. I'm not sure I'm ready for 40. Just amazing, where did the years get to?

God bless


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