Wednesday, September 28, 2005

still blue, without the rain

I guess I will be worrying about my bro and the kids for awhile. I am feeling decidedly unchristian like towards my future ex-sis in law. I am working on that.

It's nice and sunny and not to hot. Perfect weather.

Last night, I led a small group. It was our first night and our topic for the season is Do science and God conflict. It's a cool little book, written for small groups with discussion questions. The main theme is that they don't have to conflict, the world just seems to want them too. And the two interesting things about this is 1) we have a science teacher in our group, a woman who wholeheartedly believes in God, and loves science. That's pretty cool. and 2) just this week a trial started because a school in PA that wanted teachers to read a statement that critized evolution theory and goes on to say that intelligent design offers an alternative theory for the origin and evolution of life--namely, that life in all of its complexity could not have arisen without the help of an intelligent hand. It's an interesting issue with opponents saying that it is religion disguised and proponents saying that it isn't religion or that they aren't "teaching" ID just making the students aware by reading the warning before they discuss evolution. I have printed out articles to take to my small group.

There is also one non-believer in my group. He goes to church and is active in missions stuff and goes to all the events, he just hasn't taken that last step. He is a very science oriented person and I am hoping that this class helps him understand that he doesn't have to choose between the two.

Boy, I have to say, once I found a church I went all out. I am a bit suprised. After all my years of struggling with the issue of organized religion, to be attending church every week and being a leader in 2 groups is quite a leap from where I was just this time last year, thinking I didn't need church, as long as I kept reading the Bible. God is pretty cool. This is my church

God bless.

(added later that same day, the book is actually called Do Science and the Bible Conflict? by Judson Poling )


Blogger Will said...

You are going great guns. That's so cool to read about. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself to boot.

Rockin' and Rollin'!


12:05 PM  
Anonymous Joatmoaf said...

Interesting topic (I tracked you here from Query Letters)
The Bible As History by Werner Keller, is an excellent book on Biblical Archeology.
He was an archeologist who originally set out to dis-prove the Bible but had a change of heart due to the evidence he uncovered.
Also, The Creator And The Cosmos, and Creation And Time by Dr. Hugh Ross are 2 even better examples science in Christianity.
Ross, an astrophysicist, explained that at 17 years old he simply had to Know that God existed, faith wasn`t good enough.
He set out to prove or dis-prove the existance of God, using scientific principles.

6:30 PM  

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