Thursday, October 06, 2005

passports #2

I got my passport in the mail on Tuesday. The actual blue book, with a crappy picture and my name. It's cool. I was very excited! I also got some info from Compassion on the trip to El Salvador. It is still too early to get excited, because I am not going til March, and yet, it's becoming more real with the acquisition of the passport and the info from Compassion.

For anyone reading who doesn't know, compassion is a Christian organization that helps kids. I am a sponsor for 2 kids. Compassion is a COOL organization, because they feed, clothe, provide schooling and medical care, and TEACH THE KIDS ABOUT JESUS!! Their school is a christian school. My mom had sponsored a kid, a long time ago, thru a different Christian organization and they didn't teach about Jesus. She would get letters from her child talking about Hindu holidays and rituals. My kid asks me to pray that his dad will accept Jesus. Pretty cool.

I have never really talked to anyone about my sponsoring Nahum, except to my mom, because you aren't supposed to "brag" about your good works, or contributions to God's work, but because I am ACTUALLY going to El Salvador, things are a little different. I can't hide going out of the country for a week, nor can I hide my excitement. It's so different from my normal life and I can't wait. Nahum is 11 and we get to spend the day at a water park! Cool huh? He asked me a few years ago when I was going to come to visit him and I am so happy that I can go.

I have to go get a few shots and a prescription for anti-malaria pills. And be careful about drinking water. I went to the Dept. of State website and read a ton of stuff about traveling out of the country in general and to El Salvador in particular.

God Bless


Blogger Sheeshers said...

Take care and have a safe trip. It should be fun. Oh, and do take lots of pictures for your blog readers! :-)

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