Monday, January 30, 2006

Todd Agnew

Our church sponsored Todd Agnew in concert on the 28th, at discount prices! only $15 a ticket. The church was packed. I took my new mentee IM. She's very sweet. She is 16 and working on getting her driver's license. We had a pretty good time. Todd Agnew is very funny. He spent as much time talking to us as he did singing, which was just fine because he was funny and humble. And kind of right on point about alot of things. Like clapping when someone says something true about Jesus, but not changing anything about their life. He doesn't really care for clapping.

I also saw a movie, End of the Spear. I have been waiting for the movie for about 3-4 years! I first heard about it at a Steven Curtis Chapman concert, where Steve Saint and Mikanue (spelling?) were on stage! It was a good movie. You could get the main point, God forgives all things, and true christians can forgive all things (Steve Saint forgave Mikanue for killing his father. He lives in Ecuador w/ Mikanue and his family!) but I thought it would be more spelled out! When it was discussed at the concert it was so clear that I started crying. But the movie is still good and worth seeing.

God Bless


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