Friday, May 12, 2006


So, last night I turn on my car in the parking lot behind my office. It starts. The radio doesn't work, which is odd. It seems frozen. I hit the on/off button a few times and start to drive. I make a left turn out of the parking lot, and the radio starts to work. I go about a block and my car flashes the check engine light, slows and then STOPS COMPETELY. Nothing, no lights, no radio, no power locks, no air conditioning, no horn!! It the half a second of warning that I have I turn the wheel to the curb and it goes that direction a tiny bit. I am not completely blocking the road, just partially. Luckily, my friend from work hasn't left yet, so I call and he and a deputy sheriff stop by and push my car to the curb.

This morning I have it towed. Thank God, all it was is a very dead battery. I had it for 5 years so I guess that's good. The guy at the garage said that batteries tend to last 2-3 years now!! So I took the car, with a loaner battery from the garage, to sears and got a new battery. The old was was still under a partial warranty and I got $25 off the price of the new one. Not bad. I am just relieved that it wasn't something super expensive!!

In other news, my brother plans on remarrying in August. Sort of expected. His announcement that his beloved is pregnant was not expected. I had hoped they would at least wait til they were married before they got pregnant!! The baby is due in January. He has 5 kids of his own from his first marriage (what a strange thing to have to start saying!!) and she has 2 from her first marriage!! So he can now have his own 8 is enough show. Or a bigger version of the brady bunch?? Jokes aside, I am happy that my bro has found someone to love, someone who loves him. And I am happy for them and the new baby! I think he needs a bigger house tho'!! My mom and I are going to try to be there for the wedding. Dad had already bought plane tickets to go there the first week of June. My parents have a parakeet that they love dearly and would probably die if they were both gone at the same time, so they never travel together anyway.

Another child in El salvador. One of the sponsors, a college kid, kept sticking his toungue out at this kid, so he responded!

God bless.


Blogger Will said...

Hello M,

Getting caught up here. I'm glad the car thing wasn't more than that. What a relief. Interesting to hear about your brother. How are the kids dealing with all the change?

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