Thursday, May 11, 2006

So what do I call this post? a mishmash?

Kids are graduating high school on June 1st. My girls, in Life Hurts God heals graduate tonight. Then we are done for the summer. It is already in the 90's and I love the warm weather.

Last night was the end of the "winter" bowling league. It was sweeps night. Which means a great deal of money is given to the team with the most total pins from 3 games bowled that night. The 2nd place, 3rd etc all get $ too. Even the lowest total pins gets something. And you divide that money the team gets by 4 (the # of people on the team) Well. My team got the highest total pins and won $100 each!!!!!!!! This was with no thanks to me since over all I bowled about 20 pins below my average, but the rest of my team just rocked!! It came down to the last frame too. We only won by 20 pins!! We were all pretty excited! In two weeks the summer league starts and 3 of us are back for more fun! We have to find a new 4th tho, one person is moving away.

There is also quite a bit of sadness surrounding me. It's not my family, but a friend's family. I really can't say more, but they need alot of prayer!

The photo is from El Salvador, isn't he sweet?


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