Friday, March 31, 2006


So, guess what I did today? I bought a lot of stickers. Why you might ask? because the kids at the Compassion projects love stickers. I just can't wait to go on another trip! Last night, in my Life Hurts God Heals meeting (for teens, I am a group leader) in the general meeting with all of us, I wanted to start dancing and felt such amazing joy. Yep, I think this path is the right one. God gives you joy and peace when you are walking His path.

I think I was on the path before. I just was stuck. I wasn't moving forward, or backward. I hadn't stepped off the path, just was standing there. Trying to hear His voice, trying to see the path. Now, I am dancing down it!

Mom said if I go to Peru with Compassion, she would go with me, so this weekend I will pick up a fifth child, in Peru. The next tour to Peru is in April 2007!! How can I stand to wait that long? In 3 more years, my vacation time increases from 3 weeks a year to 4 weeks a year, plus 12 comp days and 1 personal day. When that happens maybe I can do 2 tours a year!!!

Skip the house too. My apartment is huge compared to the houses in El Salvador. And it's just me!!! That will save a ton of money and allow me to go to these wonderful places where God is working His wonders and His love shines thru all the beautiful faces of His precious children.

God bless


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