Thursday, February 16, 2006

One of those days

I just love (you are hearing tons of sarcasm right now) days when my alarm doesn't work! I normally just up at 7 am. When I get up, I turn the heat on in the living room, wander into the kitchen, grab a yogurt, put water in a mug and heat it for tea. When tea is ready, I go sit in the living room and eat my yogurt and drink my green tea and watch the Today show until about 7:15. Then I go take my shower and get ready for work.

Today, there was a niggling thought in my mind while I slept, that it seemed late. I wondered why I hadn't heard alarm. I reluctantly opened my eyes and stared at horror at the clock, it was 7:25!!! Not only did I have to skip my slow waking up and tea, I was behind on the shower part. I moved quick! I actually made it to work only 3 min late (which actually is normal for me) but it kinda messes up my whole day because I didn't have my morning routine. Hopefully, tomorrow will go better.

Speaking of tomorrow, I am driving to visit a friend in San Jose. We have been friends since college (18 years now). So I should have a good weekend!

God bless


Blogger Will said...

I think I know that friend! Be sure to tell us how it goes and everything that you do.

I hope your day goes better tomorrow.

3:53 PM  

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