Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ongoing realizations

Well, it has been awhile since I posted. I have been at conferences a few hours away from where I live for 3 days at the beginning of two consecutive weeks. They were work related.

I am still excited and wanting to spin in circles! My life seems so peaceful now, so joyous, so amazing. Last weekend, I finally put together my El Salvador photo album. You know, the old fashioned kind, where the photos go in plastic in a book? I included photos from other people's websites and from the Compassion photo disc that I got. I have 296 photos in there!! It was fun to put together and remember everything. Not that I am likely to ever forget my amazing experience.

I apologized to God this morning, actually, I have apologized a few times. For being so consumed by my own desires that I forgot to listen to Him. It's a good thing God understands us so well!! I had the oddest thought the other day, and again this morning. The thought was "I don't want children" Something I NEVER thought I could say and mean. But now I do, because God has filled my heart with love for the children of the world. His children, who need love, who need to hear His Word, who need to know that they matter and are special. What an awesome thing that God can accomplish this goal, fulfill this need thru me.

God bless


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