Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Weekend w/ a friend

I went to San Jose on Friday and came back to my little town on Sat eve. I made it back just in time for chuch!! I went straight there, didn't even stop at home first.

On Friday night, Cord and I watched the Corpse Bride on dvd. Neither of us had managed to see it at the theatre and we enjoyed watching it. We were both pretty exhausted from the busy weeks we had so we went to bed about 11 pm. I managed to sleep in til 9!!! what a miracle. Usually on weekends I get up pretty much the same time as a weekday, my body is too used to being up! So that was good.

We went and had brunch at a healthy food place called Hobbies. They have pretty good food. We tend to go there alot. Then we browsed at Barnes and Noble til the movie Firewall started. Good flick. Harrison Ford is still really great to watch!! And he did almost all of his own stunts! He also said on the Today show that Indy IV will be coming!!

Then we went to Macaroni Grill for an early dinner. Also a place we normally go. I love their food. Neither eatery exist in my town.

We exhanged Christmas presents. I got her 365 days of Star Wars and she bought me a dvd documentary about the Lord of the Rings. It's not about the making of it, but about how it impacted people. She is ON the DVD!!! Her "troupe" makes costumes and performs at SciFi conventions and ComicCom. They win awards. She writes the music and does the chorography. They did one for Lord of the Rings and ended up performing it at the oscar party for the cast of Lord of the Rings. So, she ended up, briefly, on the dvd. She also gave me a cd-rom with all the video's of all her performances over the past few years! I have to find time to watch that!! I have seen the Lord of the Rings one, it's pretty awesome!

I always love going to see Cord and catching up. I am thrilled that she ended up living just a few hours away. She is a great gal, very talented and very smart and fun to hang out with.

God bless


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