Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Graduation part II

The graduation ceremony wasn't too bad. It was overcast, so we didn't fry. I got to the school at about 10 til 5 pm. The gates opened at 5:30 and the ceremony started at 7. I wanted a good seat. I was two rows back from the graduates. They were sitting sideways to us. The two rows in front of me were for teachers and staff and only one of them filled up. Unfortunatly, I misjudged the road Brit would be sitting in so I wasn't completely in line with her, but I had some pretty good views. I was so proud of her!

One of the speakers started her speech by saying, think back to the 80's when you were born, at time when notes were passed in class instead of text messages, when you were out of touch for hours at time because you didn't have cell phones, when you carried around a tape player with head phones for music instead of an ipod that was small enough to hide from your teachers! She had a few other tidbits too, that I can't remember. Made me feel a bit old, and gave me an awareness of just how much has changed! Research was done in libraries, not on the internet. I called all of the airlines to find the best deal on tickets, instead of spending 10 minutes at orbitz or I had to get directions from people, which could have problems, instead of printing maps from the computer. It is a different world. I graduated high school in 1987!!! Some of these graduates weren't even born yet. Sigh.

I attempted to post a picture of brit and I, but I can't seem to pull it off the web. Tonight, I'll edit this post and add it from my home computer. I am really starting to hate pictures of myself. My face is so oily that the flash reflects off it and it looks terrible.

God bless


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