Thursday, June 01, 2006


There are two high schools in the town where I live and in the districts infinite "wisdom" both are graduating on the same night, tonight. I saw a few extra cops just start a shift and realized that graduation means worries for the police, and most likely I will be getting a host of police reports to read next week.

I am actually going to one of the grads! I am not really a fan of these things, they are long and boring. But, one of "my" girls is graduating. I have been her "unofficial" mentor ever since she was in the eighth grade. I tutored her in Algebra and she needed an adult in her life that she could talk to, someone outside her family. She is a great kid. Smart, and trying to rise above her troubled youth. She's actually the one who introduced me to the church I love!! I am very proud of her.

On a sadder note, the earthquake in Indonesia over the weekend was horrible. I sponsor a girl there, Arlita, and she is fine and so is her project. I went to the Compassion website, and 11 projects were damaged/destroyed and too many sponsored kids no longer have homes. And very sadly, 3 sponsored kids were killed. Please pray.

(Photo from Friday project in El Salvador)

God bless


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