Friday, June 09, 2006

A new photo

Ok. Forget the grad photo. I can never remember to do that when I am at home! A friend from the El Salvador trip just emailed me a photo she took of me while I was painting suncatchers with the kids at a project. We were told if we wanted to bring a project to do we could and so I brought 30 suncatchers and paint to do with the kids. I didn't plan very well. The suncatchers came in kits, 10 to a kit and one paintbrush and one set of paints!! Well, the kids took the paints (all but one that I snagged) and the paintbrushes and well, the rest of us shared the one I kept, and broke in half, and used our fingers. They were all religious suncatchers.

The picture really made me smile, If you look closely you can see my tongue sticking out a tiny tiny bit. Grammy (my Dad's mother) used to stick her tongue out in the corner of her mouth when she was doing crossword puzzles. I guess a little of that stuck with me!

God bless.


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