Thursday, June 15, 2006


yesterday was not such a great day. Work stuff, so I won't go into it. Yesterday evening was much better.

I still bowl on Wednesday's. My team won all 4 games yesterday. And I can honestly say I contributed!!! My average is about 122. My first game I got a 133. Pretty good. I am always happy when I bowl above my average. My second game I got three strikes in a row, something I have only done 3 or 4 times in my many years of bowling!! That, and a bit of luck with spares got me to a score of 172 in the ninth frame. My high game ever, was 181. I bowled the first ball in the 10th and got 7 pins, so I make a mistake and look at the score board. I am now at 179, I have to get the spare to beat my high game. Here's where I usually choke and blow it. I bowl and get the 3!! so I have a 182 and another ball to throw!! I ended up with a 190, which is definately my high game ever! The last game was a 142, also pretty good. When I got the 181, last year, the third game tanked I got less than 100!! So, a really decent night! 200 here I come!!

God bless


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