Thursday, July 13, 2006

10 days and counting!

Hmm. I didn't realize it had been that long since I posted. I thought it was just last week.

Anyway, in 10 days my mom gets here!!! Yeah!! On July 23rd. And then on the 31st we fly together to NE, where my brother lives. He is getting married on August 4th. And on Aug 6th (I think that is the date we picked) I get to hang out with some college friends.

Mom and I do this trip every summer, except it's backwards this year. Usually we go to Bro's house first, then to my house then mom goes home. We had already asked our respective employers for the time off when Bro informed us of the wedding date. So we had to switch the order. My bro has 5 kids, his fiance has 2 kids. Before, with just the 5 kids, mom and I always felt the need to "rest" after the hectic pace my bro and his family maintained. So that's why we would go there first. I also usually get to spend my birthday with my family, but due to various scheduling issues, I will be working on my birthday for the first time in many years! {there's a hint for you CyberJazz ;) }

I really need the vacation. I am a bit stressed and need to relax. Especially with my mom. Next to Jesus, she is truly my best friend, and my hero.

God bless.


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