Monday, June 19, 2006

Television/treasure Hunters

I am a member of several survey sites. One, E-Poll, is concerned with mostly television/movies. I received a survey from them, and when I finished it asked that I watch the show Treasure Hunters and I would get many many points. (points get me amazon gift certificates, which I just love!) So, even tho' I had not been planning on watching the series, for those points, I would.

So I tuned in on Sunday night. It's actually not that bad. I imagine it's a bit like the Amazing Race. There are teams of 3. One team consists of a Minister, his wife and his daughter. At some point, they do a little mini commentary from them, and the Minister says, well if we have to lie, we will "stretch the truth". A disturbing comment from a minister.

It got worse. The Minister's team was in third place. Another group, with a girl, was in second. She dove into the cove, picked up the little chest, brought it back to the surface, opened it, and the Minister reached in and took her clue!!!!!!!!!! She tried to get it back, but he must have been stronger. He is so overwhelmed by greed that he is willing to steal! After that, his team moved into second and they all were oh so very proud of his stealing the clue.

I am not perfect. I don't claim to be. People watching me may not see a model christian. But I am not a preacher, lying and stealing on national tv!!! I was horrified at his actions and, had I been a member of his church, I would be looking for a new church today. How could I listen to sermons from him, on following Jesus, lessons on following the 10 commandments, lessons on serving God and manna, and how you can't do both? He may have moved into second place in the race, but I think he may have lost a portion of his parrish, and pushed some of those on the fence about God, off, and onto the side of disbelief. A very costly decision on his part, the problem is, someone else may pay that price.

God bless


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